How To Spot Misinformation And Fake News

What is Fake NEWS?

Let’s know what fake news is? Fake news is a type of news that consists of misleading information, wrongs, or hoaxes. And spread by traditional media or internet media.

They may be Whatsapp forwards or unauthentic page posts. Most of them have a motive to damage the reputation of a company or person and political or financial gain. Fake news is a way to disinform, usually originated from the anonymity of social networks that sometimes can get into mainstream media. Their objectives are very diverse: desire for notoriety, misinformation on a specific topic, or even to track users on the Internet to steal their data using techniques such as phishing.

Whatever their objective may be, they’re always false news. Contrary to Goebbels’s statement,

a repeated lie often does not become the truth; it only appears as the truth.

And is the case that many times, these “fake news” that spread like wildfire are base on real stories that make them seem authentic. For example, it is widespread to find news that misrepresents scientific research to support certain ideologies and thoughts, making alarming headlines to attract more people and spread these lies. These exaggerated headlines on the Internet are known as “clickbait” because they are hooks for inexperienced Internet users. Due to all of this, we can verify that it is vital not to believe everything seen on the Internet and check in several sources the integrity of the shared information in today’s interconnected society. Because, after all, the means of spreading fake news is, ultimately, us. Do not be a victim.

As you know, many news articles and blogs are published on the Internet. Some of them consist of accuracy, but some are fake. As in Iran, more than seven hundred people died after consuming alcohol to prevent covid 19. You can imagine from it fake news can harm your life too. If it ponders, this was a rumor. Because consuming alcohol may heighten the chances to get covid19. So, friends, we have decided fake news into two parts.

First, those which are false convince the audience to buy a product or visit a website. Second, those are true but not a hundred percent accurate.

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  1. So, whenever you read the news, test you are not biased? 
  2. If you find odd information in your news feed so, you need to do some probes. If you find the source link and see some punctuation mistakes after visiting, the chance of fake news becomes high. 
  3. After that, check the source of news. If the information has an authentic and well-known agency like DW, BBC, and CNN, accuracy becomes high. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is fake news websites.

For example, is a professional and genuine website. In contrast, is a duplicate website. Similarly, there are a lot of fake news websites. 

You are reading news which is persuading. You have to ask yourself if this is influencing you towards a viewpoint, selling a product, or visiting a website. Google is an excellent resource to find the source of any information. You have to search the keyword of news in google; you will quickly know the news source. And through this feature of google, the basis of a picture can find out.

In addition, there are fact-checker websites that check out the facts and debunk fake news. Likes,

Fact Check Explorer:




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