5 Most Richest Tech Companies 2022

Technology companies are among the most admired in the world economy. The five most significant firms are all investing in Artificial Intelligence to look to the future. I will tell you about the world’s biggest promising tech companies that dictate the world.

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5. Facebook (Meta) – $1 Trillion

On 28 October, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, now known as Meta, will continue to run Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus VR.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform, Facebook, has around 2.8 billion monthly active users, and its Market value is about $1 trillion. Users wondering where their earnings came from, of course, the answer is advertising. Facebook headquarter is situated in Menlo Park, California, USA.

Facebook has seen increased demand for its advertising due to the coronavirus outbreak. It has become a valuable platform for advertisers due to its ability to target people with specific preferences. It also has controversial consequences in some areas, such as fake news, scandals, and election targets, and has raised significant privacy concerns for some users. The company also owns child companies; Instagram and WhatsApp.

4. Amazon – $1.7 Trillion

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and is based in Seattle, Washington. The unanimous modern kings of e-commerce in the US, Europe, and much of Asia. Amazon had sales of more than $386 billion in 2020. Its market share in e-commerce is around 30% in both the US and Britain. Jeff Bezos’ company faced outbreaks at its factories during the coronavirus outbreak. Still, consumers made huge profits buying their homes for alleged tax avoidance. 

Amazon is expanding into various technical areas, including cashless stores, biometric payment options, and artificial intelligence to develop home robots. Bezos’ departure from Amazon could become his biggest future challenge for Microsoft. It has 1,335,000 employees, which is the highest number in the techn sector. Its market value is approximately $1.7 trillion.

3. Alphabet – $1.8 Trillion

The conglomerate was founded in 1993 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page and headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. Alphabet is one of the world’s most trusted leading tech companies. It is a parent company of Google, valued at more than $1.8 trillion. It is the largest search engine globally, generating a massive volume of advertising revenue through its direct use and advertising on the site with systems such as Google Ads. 

Google is so inherent in internet culture that it’s hard to avoid its services, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drives, Google Home and Android, Chrome, etc. Today, Alphabet Holding owns more than thirty popular services. Alphabet had 135,000 full-time employees at the end of 2020.

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2. Microsoft – $2.2 Trillion

The world-renowned organization; Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It is the second-largest tech company and is based in Redmond, Washington, USA. The goal was to make the PC experience simple, easy to use, and intuitive. And thus, the Windows operating system was born. It brought Microsoft incredible success and huge profits. 

 With a US $2.2 trillion value, Microsoft software from the Office suite to Internet Explorer, while products such as the Xbox and Microsoft Surface computers show their diversity worldwide. Their operating systems remain the dominant force in personal computers—current research areas such as virtual desktop, cloud PC, and flexibility in Windows. Recently, Microsoft slightly changed its field of interest. The company now focuses on innovative technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing and seeks to become a leader in these areas. The number of employees is 182,000.


1. Apple – $2.35 Trillion

Apple was established on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs. They started with home computers. However, its most tremendous success came when the iPhone smartphone was introduced to the world, making Apple the wealthiest company of all time. Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA. 

Today, Apple is the world’s most valuable tech company, valued at $2.38 trillion. It is also one of the largest tech companies globally, with annual sales of $347 billion. 

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Apple is a luxury tech brand on everything from phones and tablets to smart TVs and home computers. While the iPhone 13 has been the largest in recent years. Apple Car, the foldable iPhones, Apple Smart Glasses, and virtual reality glasses are also expected soon. Apple has 147,000 employees across 27 locations. 

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