Top 8 Latest Technology Trends You Must Follow In 2022

Today’s technology is evolving at such a rapid rate, and it allows faster change and progress. During the outbreak of Corona Virus, this year is the technological trend and development and makes new professions. From 2020 to 2022, I.T. professionals will continue to learn about learning and relearning.

What does this mean to you? This means keeping up with the development of new technologies and keeping an eye on the future to understand what skills you need to master to ensure safe work tomorrow. Here are the eight new technology trends to read and try in 2022.

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8. Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity might not seem like trending technology, but it is essential because threats are constantly changing. Malicious attackers who attempt to access data illegally will not give up in the short term and always struggling to bypass even the strictest security measures. Part of the reason is that as long as we have hackers, new technologies will adapt to improve security, so network security will continue to be a trending technology as it will continue to evolve to defend you.


7. 5G:

5G, the next technology trend after IOT, is 5G. Among them, 3G and 4G technologies enable us to surf the Internet, use data-driven services, increase bandwidth to stream on Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube, and so on. It is expected that 5G services will revolutionize our lives by enabling services that rely on advanced technologies such as V.R. and cloud-based gaming services such as Google-based stevia and Nvidia GeForce.


6. Internet of Things (IoT):

Another promising new technology trend of the Internet of Things is that many things are being built through Wi-Fi connections, which can be connected to the Internet and connected. Therefore, the Internet of Things is the future. It has allowed devices, household appliances, cars, etc., to connect and exchange data through the Internet, as consumers who have already used the Internet of Things benefited from it. For Example, we can lock our doors remotely if we forget to when we leave for work. However, the company can also benefit from it now and very soon. The IoT can provide enterprises with better security, efficiency, and decision-making capabilities when collecting and analyzing data. It can achieve predictive maintenance, speed up healthcare, improve customer service, and bring benefits we never thought of.


5. Blockchain:

Most people think of blockchain technology dealing with only cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but blockchain offers valuable security in many other ways. A blockchain can be described as data that can only be added without deleting or changing it, so it is called a chain because data not changing the previous blocks makes it more secure. We do not need a third party to monitor or verify transactions. 


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4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality (A.R.) usually uses a camera on a smartphone to add digital elements to the live view. Examples of A.R. are Snapchat lenses and Pokemon Go games. Virtual reality (V.R.) involves an entirely immersive experience, excluding the physical world. Until now, this technological trend is still mainly used in games. Simulation software was used to train captains of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard like virtual boat training. By 2022, we can expect that these forms of technology will be more integrated into our lives. V.R. has excellent potential in training, entertainment, education, marketing, and even post-injury rehabilitation.


3. Edge Computing:

Edge Computing is used to observe the new technology trend of cloud computing, has become the mainstream of major participants. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform dominate the market. As more and more companies migrate to cloud solutions, the adoption of cloud computing continues to grow. As the amount of data facing organizations increases, they have realized the shortcomings of cloud computing in some cases.

Edge computing is designed to help solve some of these problems, avoid the delay caused by cloud computing and bring data to the detailed information center for processing. If you are closer to where you need to calculate, it can exist on the edge. Therefore, edge computing can be used for time-sensitive processing. The remote location has limited data or cannot connect to the centralized location.


2. Robotic Process Automation

Such as A.I. and machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is another technology that automates work. RPA uses software to automate processes, such as explaining applications, processing transactions, processing data, and even replying to emails.

RPA automates repetitive tasks often perform in the past. Although, forestry research estimates that RPA automation will threaten the livelihoods of 230 million or about 9% of the global workforce. RPAs will also create new job opportunities while destroying existing job opportunities. McKinsey found that less than 5% of occupations can be fully automated, but about 60% can be partially automatic.


1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

 Artificial Intelligence or A.I. received a lot of attention in the past five years, but it is still one of the trends in new technologies due to its significant impact on humans. I have been known for its superiority in image and voice recognition navigation applications, smartphone personal assistants, and ride-sharing applications.

A.I will use it more to analyze interactions to determine potential connections and insights. Through near-real-time data analysis, it can promote revenue and improve personalized performance experience, help predict the needs of hospitals and other services, enable the competent department to make better resource utilization decisions, and detect changes in customer behavior.

By 2025, the I market will grow to 190 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2021, global spending on cognitive and A.I. systems will exceed 57 billion U.S. dollars. As A.I expand across departments, it will develop program design, test support, and, on the other hand, maintenance, etc. A.I also provided some of the highest salaries today, ranging from over $125,000 per year to $145,000 per year, which makes it a top new technology trend. By 2025, machine learning and A.I. automation will produce 9% of new job opportunities in the United States, including robot monitoring, professionals, data scientists, automation experts, and content managers, making it another new type of job. 

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