what is google my business and how does it work google my business is a free tool that enables you to create a like this one for your business which can be found by potential customers in google search and google maps that’s if you’re happy with that you could stop watching this video right here but wait did you know there are about 3.5 billion searches in google every day and almost half of these searches are for which google will include business listings as part of the results that’s a lot of prospective customers and a very good reason to create a if you needed one despite publishing almost 150 videos over the past five business owners be found online

mostly i’ve realized i’ve never made a video who are just starting out and still unsure what google my business is if you are one of these people this delve into this further remember to subscribe and click on the bell button before the end so you get notified next okay so what is google my business and how does it work as mentioned in the google my business is a free tool that a listing for your business which can be or google maps when people are searching or service you offer this gives you the chance to attract customers who have specifically designed for local businesses only google map business

is a to market and promote your business online think of it like the old yellow pages book but on steroids the main instead of relying on people to find your business by flicking through hundreds of pages of the phone directory with google my business listing your business can be found on the most popular search engine on the planet unlike a phone directory where your business was only listed on one page your google my business listing can within the google search

environment anyone conducting a search in google such as plumber near me or beauty salon will trigger a set of results that includes a map and the three most relevant local business listings this is known as the map pack and is a searchers clicking on the viewer links will be taken through to what is known where more local businesses will be listed along with a much bigger map hovering on each listing will highlight via a pin on the map moving the map to a will update the list of businesses that clicking on a specific listing will open searches with detailed information about users can

interact directly with the visit their website ask questions and this panel can also be triggered directly in google search results for certain type of searches often brand like in this example for a toyota car even more prominence but that’s not all your listing can also show up for people who are searching directly in google as opposed to the more conventional google search box i know what you’re thinking i’ve already covered this in the first example when i clicked below the top three listings but you’d be wrong what i did when i clicked on the view or link option was launch what is known as the

Google local finder although

the results you will get directly from google maps when searching for a local business look very similar to the ones you’d see on the google they can be very different let me demonstrate if i search for the keyword plumber near me and click through to the these are the listings i can see if i conduct the same search directly in here are the results i get looking at them side by side clearly shows the business listings can be different but while a lot of searches are conducted on desktops a big chunk of local searches are now there’s done on mobile phones so the question is how does google my business work on mobile is very similarly conducting a search with a local intent on a mobile phone a small map with a list of the top three tapping through to the more business link will still take you to the google where you can find more business listings a huge amount of searchers will the google map app on their phone to which will provide the same results you can find on the google maps version on desktops while your business profile will look slightly different from the the information available to searches everything i have covered so far i can

understand how beneficial running a for your business and what you would be missing out on if you don’t claim yours this is totally free but there is still more your listing is also the chance to critical information about your business and convince them you are the best there is a plethora of options and features available in google my business to help you do that let’s start with you can add photos to your listing to or products you can add your logo you can add a link to your website if you you can add your business address which will automatically create a map with a where your business is located you can add your opening and closing times you can add a business description know a little bit more about your business by default your listing will also automatically include some features such as directions to help people get to from their current location a call a

phone call when you tap on it directly from a mobile folder and a save button so visitors can save your listing a review for your business this will which in turn will encourage more people to do business with you you can add a to provide prices to customers almost on questions and respond to them directly using the frequently asked questions you can add some health and safety attributes to let people know what you have put in place to combat the current and so on you can also publish posts on to promote your services products or an event your business is organizing depending on

the type of business you might be available

to you for instance if you are in the restaurant industry you can display directly in your listing or delivery options i won’t cover all the possible options here as it would take too long but you can definitely see a listing can be and what it can do for your business the next question is how do you set what up setting up a listing is very simple to start off you’ll need to create a google account if you don’t have one already to do this just go to account.google.com then click on create an account then simply follow the instructions once you’ve completed this step just business and click on manage now start entering your business name it is possible google knows about your and has created a listing for it in which case it will appear in a suggested if it does just select it and continue just click on the add your business to google to start the setting up process i’m not going to go through the entire

setup here as it will take too long and it’s not the purpose of this video instead i recommend you watch my on how to set up a listing for best so you don’t make any mistakes which could be quite costly once you’ve claimed your business you will have google map business dashboard from which think of it as your control center this all your business details create posts respond to messages and reviews you may for those of you who are on a very tight budget you can even create a free from the dashboard that links directly to your

listing in just a few minutes and if you want to know how well your listing is performing you will also be able to find out how users using the insight tool you’ll discover your listing has generated if visitors found you on google maps or google if it was on a mobile phone or a desktop you’ll even be given a list of the which have led to the discovery of your priceless information right there to you’ll just need to go to google.com business click on sign in and select and that’s it hopefully you now have a clear understanding of what google my how it works and what it can do for your is to set up your own listing.

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