The Panama Canal Celebrates 20 Years

Canal cruises are growing in popularity as an unusual, close-up, and relaxing experience to get a glimpse of the local culture. Panama Canal cruises offer an opportunity to visit one of the most well-known canals. The year is particularly historic in the 20th year anniversary marking this year’s United States’ transference of the canal to Panamanian ownership on December 31st, 1999.

Panama Canal cruises are unique because they allow visitors to see the canal’s historical and contemporary aspects through the water. It is possible to enjoy the Panama Canal cruise from Caravan Tours, for instance, which offers views of the canal’s old locks, which have influenced shipbuilding for years because of the canal’s significance in the global economy. It is important to note that the Panama Canal has remained an important transit route between both the Atlantic as well as the Pacific oceans. Newer locks were constructed in the course of an expansion plan that increased its capacity.


Panama Canal to accommodate the shipping of modern container vessels as well as other larger vessels. Certain Panama Canal cruises offer access to both the old and the new locks in Miraflores as well as Pedro Miguel. The Panama Canal museum, situated near the locks in Miraflores provides a detailed account of the Panama Canal and its history from its beginnings to its present operation. It also houses its Panama Canal expansion Operations Center, with a prime view of the locks. As a tourist destination, Panama offers something for everyone. In addition to the Panama Canal and its past, it is also possible to visit the Biomuseo which is a cutting-edge science museum devoted to the natural world and biodiversity located at the Pacific entry point into the Panama Canal. The Biomuseo is built by famed architectural designer Frank Gehry,

and features several galleries, with themes such as “Oceans Divided” and “The Living Web.” Interactive exhibits educate and engage guests of all ages. Visitors traveling to Panama on the Caravan Panama Canal cruise can take a trip to explore the flora & fauna of the rainforests, take a cruise through canals that flow through the jungle as well as learn more about the customs that are the culture of the local Embera people who consider Panama City and the Panama River and the rainforest their home. Panama Canal cruises also offer chances to enjoy a stroll along the beach while enjoying a relaxing time in a luxurious hotel setting. Caravan Tours, a tour provider of Panama Canal cruises, has been in operation since 1952.For more details about Panama Canal cruises.