today i’m going to show you how one of my clients took the jump and made his with no prior experience and the awesome results he got from it if you’re still sitting on the fence about making videos to promote your business you’ll want to watch this hi everyone i’m luke duran the founder of before we get why don’t you subscribe and click on the so you don’t miss any of my future video marketing is probably the most any kind of business online large or small and with 2 billion active users youtube is undoubtedly the best platform to your business therefore i always try to convince

my clients to bite the and launch a youtube channel to promote their business so they can include as part of their local marketing strategy sadly most of them feel the process of making their first youtube is a daunting prospect mostly because they are fearful of being in front of a which i totally understand as i’ve been there myself beyond fear they also tell me they would not know where to start do not have the right equipment or the someone to do it on their behalf it is fair to

assume that most of you are in i cannot tell you enough what you are and to prove it to you i am going to after a little bit of convincing from me and managed to make and publish its very first youtube video here is a quick snapshot for your eyes only we do get a lot of course people asking us how can i this storage either this is jason electrician located in london you made no fancy camera no microphone no special no tripod just a good old phone okay enough with a fancy video production i was just trying to prove a point and to keep you watching back to yasin’s first video if you want to watch

the whole thing there is a link to it in the description below if you do you’ll see there is nothing fancy about it’s only two minutes and eight seconds long and you can sense a tiny bit of in yesen’s tone of voice sorry yasin but there is one thing this video does very it helps people solve a specific problem how to reset an electric storage heater but i’m sure the question that’s on how many views did the video get okay okay time to share some results starting with number of views in its this short video has been watched 2 500 times just so you can appreciate what a result this is my very first youtube four

views in the same amount of days from me what does that tell you and judging by the view trend this video is exponentially it’s amazing considering views don’t pay the bills right unless you have a popular channel that is so why should you bother with making the next result conversion i asked jasin directly if anyone had contacted him on youtube and sure enough since it has been published he got three new leads from people finding him on his brand new channel

two of them turned into and one of them found it so useful that he posted a glowing google review on yasin’s google my business listing rankings on youtube it’s much easier to rank on youtube than it is to rank on video has quickly hit the top spot for some keyword and is now ranking number how to reset a storage heater and it try doing that on google organically you’ll find it might take a little longer to get there if you ever do this leads me to our next results in case you hadn’t noticed very often google includes youtube videos as part they come into two forms it could be a that sits at the top of the

search results which you can view directly in or simply a list of video results which includes a thumbnail and link to the on youtube if i search for how to reset look at what i can see as part of the since you can link to your website from the video description to the exact page you want to push you can drive traffic for a specific service you are trying to looking at google’s analytics for yes the page the description is linking to is getting a little bit of traffic from which in

time could turn into more customers although it won’t help that retention one thing youtube pays a lot is audience retention as opposed to the number of views which only tells you how many people have clicked on the video audience retention tells you how much of it they have actually been watching in this case the audience retention is very meaning a majority of people watch most until the end since youtube tends to promote videos with higher

the audience this is likely to play a part in how all in all i think it’s fair to say these numbers are pretty impressive considering this was a first youtube video and how it was produced but wait there is more there are plenty of other reasons why you should consider and if you’re not convinced yet let me give you a few reason number one through you can see which exact keywords are to every specific video you publish you information in google analytics for your this is a great

source of inspiration to create even more targeted videos around similar topics and drive more and drum up more business from this very first video i am now able to recommend a follow-up one which i can call how to use dimplex storage heater which to yasin’s channel reason number two you can add your video to a page on your site it will make your page content rich and more relevant which is good for users but also for search engines which is what i have done for this page oh and i’ve also added the google after watching the video

making this reason number three some of the views your video will get will come directly made by youtube at the end of similar you can find out what these are and they have been published and explore just like this channel which has a video called how to wire a double socket that has received 138 000 views sounds like a good video idea to me reason number four potential customers will see your face even before they book which makes them trust you more i receive requests from people who have discovered me through my channel

and i feel more comfortable dealing with me rather than someone they don’t know they’re already familiar with who i am if you are a tradesman like yasen who i’m sure it will help a great deal before he turns up at your house reason videos stay online forever unless you delete them and they will continue to for a very long time some of the videos i’ve published five years ago on my are still bringing me a healthy amount it’s free advertising you do not have to pay to publish videos on youtube so why the average cost per lead for an

anything between 20 to 50 pounds getting two to three new clients a month with could save you up to 1800 pounds per imagine replicating this over multiple your video is not exclusive to youtube once completed you can publish it on facebook linkedin instagram twitter etc by the way all of these platforms are always hungry for more content that will keep their audience on their platforms for longer since videos are of content they tend to promote them more there are plenty of other reasons why you should make your first youtube these are the most obvious ones however although videos

are probably one of the you can create make sure you don’t use you might say what’s the point of making videos if you’re not going to promote well firstly nowadays people that harassed by sales messages and have all these so-called experts and gurus the best at what they do my best advice videos that will be helpful to people question or solving a problem which at is what google does best whatever type of business you’re in you are an expert in your own

field so share your people will be grateful and if they can’t solve their problem themselves guess who they’re going to call you this strategy has worked extremely well for enough don’t wait and create your own youtube channel today it’s super simple if you need some help to get you started check out my tutorial how to create a youtube channel for your business where i go through in details how to set this video wasn’t enough to convince you now is the time to brace your fear and jump on the youtube bandwagon.

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