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To go to Laugh Tale the pirate has to find that Road Poneglyph. This Road Poneglyph is a great guide for anyone who wants to visit Laugh Tale as there is a way to get there. Road Poneglyph there is a way to reach the island that is the last. Therefore, it is only normal for pirates to be willing to do whatever it takes to obtain access to the Road Poneglyph.

There are just four Road Poneglyphs out of the numerous available Poneglyphs. In the animated version it is the road Poneglyph is brilliant red. They’re scattered all over the ocean, but most people do not know of their existence. So, looking to find an Road Poneglyph is one of the greatest adventures who wish to be the pirate king have to undertake.

Following his departure from the island Roger was able to find three more Road Poneglyphs. In Water 7, Roger finally was able to obtain an exact replica from Big Mama’s Road Poneglyph. In the end, Roger himself found the final Road Poneglyph in Zou, after he found three Road Poneglyph on the Fishman Island. The location is located situated in the sea forest close to the pylon which has an apology from JoyBoy.

What’s the story with Luffy? Luffy already has two road pythons thus far, one of Big Mom in addition to the one from Zou. Luffy himself is now looking at Kaido’s glyph. That leaves the final Road Poneglyph on the Fishman Island which is not yet clear. What is the location of the previous Road Poneglyph?

There are two scenarios that could can occur. The first is Neptune has given the item to another person to conceal or someone else had already taken it. For the second reason, it appears unlikely. There are three explanations to consider: first, aside from Kaido Big Mom and Kaido Big Mom, there are no pirates with more power on the sea who are capable of forcibly taking the road Poneglyph.

Third, Neptune did not speak to Robin regarding the Road Poneglyph. Neptune did not mention to Robin that the Road Poneglyph was lost or taken or transpired. A Poneglyph, in the end, is a thing that can’t simply be moved. In logical terms, people prefer copies over the entire Poneglyph.

Therefore, whoever is the one to use the initiative and we are sure that it will be kept in the secrecy of its existence However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the fact that Fishman Island is an unsafe area. After all, in the glorious pirate era, Fishman Island was a spot that pirates as well as any other people who attempted to combat the pirates were extremely scared of. And there are a few people who are believed to be “the perpetrators.”

It is first the Whitebeard pirate group that previously declared Fishman Island their territory. Maybe Whitebeard was hiding the island in order to conceal it. If so it, they could as well keep it in a secret location. In order to ensure that no one else will find it. Marco may still know the exact location of his.

Then, Blackbeard became the one who owned his own Poneglyph. We know that, as did the battle against Whitebeard’s gang and after Whitebeard’s death it is possible that Blackbeard and his crew went to Fishman Island and took the Road Poneglyph seemed reasonable. Blackbeard was a member of Whitebeard’s comrade, which means that there is the status of a “spy” or knows the location the Poneglyph.

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Maybe, Blackbeard picked up on it after the time-skip happened This could be a reason Marco and the other men were able to decide to fight Blackbeard. The third one is in Shanks the hands of Shanks. It could also be it is possible that Shanks is the person who acquired the Road Poneglyph and became its protector. Shanks could give the Road Poneglyph to Luffy in the event that the timing is correct. When you examine Shanks his profile, it appears that he’s really in support of the new generation as well as his successor Roger.

Then, there is the figure of Scopper Gaban , who is believed to be the one to deliver the pirate on Lodestar Island. Scopper Gaban may be looking for someone who is worthy to be his next pirate King. Also, following Wano Luffy’s next target may be Lodestar to locate the final Road Poneglyph.

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