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The last island is where each pirate from the One Piece story dreams of . The first time this island was mentioned was at the time the Gol D. Roger was close to being executed by the navy. Roger said his belief that One Piece really did exist and that he had also put all his treasures there. In the years since, the desire of young pirates wanting to search for that Last Island has emerged.

Name of final island was later found as Raftel. But, it is actually an abbreviation of his actual initials, Laugh Tale. When we watch Kozuki Oden’s flashback we are given the reasons for that island’s name was Laugh Tale, which Roger named after having amused himself at what he saw there. It could be one of the Poneglyphs from One Piece.

To reach the last island, it requires an extremely hard work by a pirate. They need to collect directions and other information about the routes by The Road Poneglyph that is a mystery and difficult to locate. In addition to having One Piece, of course the biggest mystery is the reason Laugh Tale is so difficult to locate.

The romanization of the name of the island in the form of “Laugh Tale”, this could be related to the last line of Brook’s song, Bink’s Sake, “Guo na na shi a te na shi Xiao i Hua ” which could be translated to mean “a funny / silly story / endless laughter” . It’s not a surprise that the lyrics to the song Bink’s Sake’s “funny story (Laughing Story / Laugh Tale)” are some connection to the final island.

It’s also possible it is possible that Bink’s Sake itself was composed and composed by Joy Boy, the first pirate to offer clues to locate the island known as Laugh Tale and to bring about major transformations across the globe. This is a mere speculation, but if it is true the Laugh Tale can be described as an island just like Zou. Since the lyrics are, “never ending, to keep going, the story / island (tale) of our journey is funny.”

The song also talks about the final departure of Laugh Tale to go on the final moment, “Jin Bo Yin Bo mo shi bu ki ni ka e te” which could be translated as “waves of gold and silver waves alternately wet each other.” Sunsets and sunrises could cause “golden waves” and this could be a clue for being in a position to leave or enter Laugh Tale.

A different lyric from the song can be interpreted as “Ming Ri mo Yue Ye ” which could be translated in the sense of “tomorrow is a moonlit night”. Based on the straightforward end of the song, it’s likely that the song’s Sake offers a clue to accessing the island must be accomplished at sunset or rises at the time that the full moon is visible. Perhaps this is the reason Laugh Tale can be described as an islet that’s almost unaccessible, with the help by the Road


Poneglyph which is located on you can find the Road Poneglyph will give instructions on the best moment each month for being accessible or gain access to Laugh Tale. According to research conducted by scientists, every month, this gold and silver wave lasts for only 24 hours. If we aren’t aware about the exact time when the silver and gold waves will happen in the future, it’s extremely difficult and probably impossible to pinpoint that there is Laugh Tale. Additionally, there are other aspects that make it more difficult to determine the location that the island is located, such as for instance, the presence of fog, and so on.

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