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this google my business listing jumped all the way to the number one spot in and in the google map pack in just four one simple change to it find out how i made it happened hi my name is luke rankingacademy.co.uk if it’s your first why don’t you subscribe and click on the end of this video so you get notified next time i publish a new one so i managed to make this google my business in no man’s land on google local maps results to claiming the number one spot by doing one simple change which took me under one minute the

listing in question is for a web design freelancer called leapfrog web design located in the and this freelancer is actually me i was yes i started my own little web design long before my youtube channel and in the process this business is no longer operating but i still use the for testing purposes only to understand of the change i monitored the progress using two tools the first one is the from

whitespark.ca i really like this you can easily break down the ranking on the google local finder the google and filter the results by locations and you can even track rankings for bing i google map scan tool from local falcon this tool is great if you want to understand the coverage area of your listing and how far your business on google maps you just need to add your the keyword for which you want to see where your business listing ranks on then

select the size of the area you within a couple of minutes local falcon will overlay the ranking results of your on google maps based on your business address this gives you a clear visual representation of how well your listing is doing locally by the way i have no either of these tools and i am not for mentioning them either i just think they are great tools and that’s why i if you want to check them out i have put in the description below since the listing is for a web design

business located around wimbledon my plan was to for the target keyword you guessed it which according to ubersuggest is 90 times every month obviously i wanted locally but i also wanted to check if it further afield and went to google maps would be based on postcodes the business in london sw18 and i decided to go along sw17 and sw15 obviously i could have gone for a wider area but fo

r the sake i thought that was sufficient enough to summarize the criteria for this test was figure out how well this listing would rank for the keyword web design sw 15 which is what i set up in a white local rank tracker and here is what the outcome was as you can see from the 27th this year this listing was ranking number 11 in the google local finder in sw 18 where the business is located i made the change on the 29th of march and it jumped to the number two position let’s have a look at the other postcode sw15 very similar

scenario as the between position two and three and now again very similar although it seems to let’s now filter the results using the i’m not sure i need to comment a great deal here as the results speak for the listing is in a map pack for all let’s now look at our google map scan to see how this translates on the map i set up the scan to check a two mile from the business address which covers the three postcodes i specified in a wide spark local rank tracker and prior to the change no ranking under which is where the address of the

around position 10. let’s now have a which i ran after making the change the everything has gone green and the listing is now ranking consistently at number two across the board although there may be a bit of discrepancy in it clearly shows the impact this change which is likely to result in more traffic and potential new customers i’ve kept you waiting long enough it’s what i changed to get such dramatic simple i just added the keyword web to the name of the business on the that’s all it took now you may think great i’m just going to add keywords to not so fast unfortunately this is totally against the google my business which clearly specified that your name should reflect your business’s real as used consistently on your shop front stationery and as known to customers in the

business is called leapfrog web leapfrog web design web design Wimbledon which is clearly against the guidelines you can still decide to go ahead and add keywords to your business name because clearly it works as you can see and that’s why so many local businesses just go to google and search for any and i can guarantee you that within stuffed with keywords but there is a risk if you get

caught by google your business might get suspended so there are two solutions to this problem here is the first one search for the keywords you want your business to rank at the competitors you rank above you have they added keywords in their that shouldn’t be there giving them an if this is the case report them to google using the business redressal compliant form so hopefully google will these listings and in some cases even this should help you move up the ranking your life easier you might want to use a local falcon to quickly identify where the cheats are and where the biggest opportunities lie the nearer your listing is to the top three position

the biggest the opportunity is to rank

for example my leapfrog web design listing ranks in the number five only two spots away from being listed in would give my listing much greater clicking on a dot shows me which rank above me and what their business are i’m pretty certain that the top two are not legitimate and have simply added website design to their name if they there is a great chance my listing would move up to a map back position the second

solution is a bit more drastic and involves some significant since google’s guidelines specify your your business’s real world name then the is to change your business name altogether so you can legitimately in your listing without the risk of being suspended let me show you what i if i search for the keyword nottingham only one of these things shows up and check what their business name is

nottingham cars and if i go on their this is their real business name whether they have done this deliberately or it a stroke of luck is totally irrelevant of their business in google for anyone for cars in nottingham would be sky high just because of it if you are watching this video and are just starting out and have yet to decide what you are make sure you choose carefully as it impact on your visibility in google and as part of my experiment i ran a where i removed the

keyword web design from the listings business name and leapfrog web design sure enough within 48 hours the listing came back crashing to where it was before but i didn’t leave it there after a couple of days i changed the name again but this time i include the real business name and removed leapfrog web design all together leaving just my target keyword web in less than 24 hours the listing shot three days later it claimed the top spot i was targeting and this is the final not bad for just changing the name right but that’s not all while tracking the performance of this listing for the web design

wimbledon i was also tracking such as web designer wimbledon and web design company wimbledon and guess what they also shot right up and achieved two and three ranking positions it would therefore make sense for me to rename legitimately add the keyword i am to the google my business listing without the risk of being suspended especially since the domain name is available and would cost

peanuts clearly this is a very simple example and based on a small volume of searches if you are in verticals where keyword searches are significantly higher and each potential new customer is with you it might make sense to consider changing your name as an example if i dentist in toxin the number of monthly searches goes up to almost 3 000 making it a very attractive keyword to which business ranks number one for these search terms unsurprisingly.

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