how to upload videos on youtube so by the end of it you can do it yourself even if you’re a complete beginner i’ll also include my very own optimization along the way so your videos can get the once published because let’s face it nobody wants to waste time uploading no one is going to watch if you’re ready on the top right hand side click on sign in you should see a pop-up with a google account you can use an existing gmail account if you already or create a brand new one it’s up to you if you’re planning on

launching a youtube channel to promote a business i recommend you create a separate gmail for it if you need help with that you can watch my video how to start a right after this one once you’ve signed in just click on the camera icon in the and select the upload a video option this will take you to the youtube studio which should display a pop-up window video files to upload or alternatively directly from your computer as a demo i’m going to use a video of four cued i downloaded for free from pixabay which i saved on my computer to upload this video on youtube i’m going to use a file option and fetch the video which will automatically trigger the at the bottom of the

screen you should indicating how much of the video is left this process is generally very fast but obviously depend on the size of your video while this is happening you can start entering details to starting with the title the title is one elements for your video to be discovered the youtube creator academy makes a difference between someone watching and sharing your video or someone so spend some time crafting a compelling think newspaper headlines and

although up to 100 characters it is recommended otherwise your title will get cut off on finally make sure the most important right at the front of the title as it by youtube to write your videos in the question is what keyword should i before publishing a video i always do to figure out what people are actually and if it’s worth making a video about to do this i use a tool called vidiq helps figure out just that once you’ve just click on the keyword tab and search for the

keyword you want to target in this case i’m going to search for puppies as my video is about puppies and look at the search volume for all you’ll have to pay for the pro version of vidiq but there is a free version available you can find the link in the description below all i need to do now is to craft my title so it’s compelling and has the most important keyword at four cute puppies you’ll have to see to

moving on to our next field description often neglect the description of their video this is a big mistake you don’t firstly the first few lines of a video description are displayed in search helping viewers make a decision to watch and on the video page itself secondly according to youtube creator academy with the right keywords can boost views and watch time because they help your to appear in search results so don’t they also recommend you put the most description so

although your description i recommend you focus your efforts on and include one to two main keywords in them here is a quick example of a description for this video i have put includes the keywords i am targeting cute puppies and the more generic puppies you can use the description and to add even more value for your adding a table of content adding timestamps to your description will a chapter in the video itself so viewers can jump straight to the

section they are interested in from the chapters directly on the timeline of the which is pretty neat you can add hashtags to help viewers find your video when they search for a specific hashtags will appear right under the above the title you can add links to your other social media accounts to to your brand you can also add links to affiliate partners or directly to you may sell yourself on your website the use of emojis which is something i in my description to make it look neater all in all the possibilities are endless don’t hesitate to be creative our next step is to add a thumbnail to our

video this is by far the most important component to entice viewers to click and youtube will suggest three different random options you can use based on the you’ve uploaded but since this is such a i suggest you create a custom thumbnail instead to maximize your chances if you don’t know how let me show you a that will produce stunning custom head over to canva is an online drag and drop graphic design to create awesome designs for all your and more it has predefined templates set you need if it’s your first time

using you’ll need to create an account using one of the options available from the once you’ve created an account just a design button and search for youtube this will open a workspace matching

the dimensions required for a youtube

you can start searching pre-existing templates and drag them onto the some of them are free and some you’ll quite like the look of this free one so i like the headlines font but obviously the dog featured on this image has nothing to do with my video so i’m i’m going to replace it with an image so it doesn’t deceive viewers to do this i’m just going to grab a screenshot from you can do this using your

default video scroll through the timeline until you and do either a print screen using the alt plus print screen key on your if you’re using a pc or shift plus and three on a mac then paste it on your using control v on pc or command v on a mac i’m just going to adjust the and send it to back so the headline sits on top my thumbnail is now taking shape i’m now going to change the title a little bit by adding colors and shadows and play with the lighting and so it really pops and that’s it all that is to download my thumbnail somewhere on and upload it as a custom thumbnail

perfectly custom thumbnails are only for verified accounts so make sure as part of the process if you haven’t once verified which should take only a you can load your custom thumbnail most of the heavy lifting is now done so we should be able to run through the quickly before i do if you like this video remember to subscribe for more and click on the bell button and if you i would be grateful if you can hit the like button our next step is to add our if this is the first time you upload a you won’t have any playlists just yet so creating playlists is a way to organize under a category or specific topics for i have

created separate playlists for and youtube marketing strategies which i can display directly on my channel by organizing your content this way in playlists there is a great chance viewers who like a specific video from will watch more of the videos related to playlists are also another way of being as they appear directly in search let’s go ahead and create a playlist in which i will be able to add my puppy’s i’m going to call this playlist cutest to add a video to a playlist all you of the playlist itself and that’s it youtube will want to get some information regarding the audience of more specifically

if it’s made for kids or if you want to restrict it to an audience over the age of 18. these choices are up to you and will be specific to each video you publish so i recommend you read the related we can say no to both clicking on the will open a new panel with a range of more options starting with paid you can tick this box if your video includes any paid promotion such as product placement or sponsorship deals so we’ll leave it blank the next option allows you to add tags to your video and provide even more clues to youtube about the topic of the video itself far less impactful than your title thumbnail and description is still worth spending a bit of time to add tags to provide more context for this i vidiq again select all the

keywords you and copy and paste them directly in the tag field once you’re done with the tags in which the video was made you have the when and where your video was recorded i personally never bother with this moving on to license and distribution choosing the standard youtube license means your video can only been watched on youtube and cannot be reproduced or choosing the second option means you to anyone to download edit and reuse the if they want to i personally always go and leave the allow embedding and publish to

subscriptions feed and notify as it will help the video with becoming you can also choose a category you feel to your video in this instance we’ll go finally you can set how you want and if you want to show how many viewers again i generally use the default but it’s entirely up to you once you’re on next this step is all about promoting your channel further and encourage viewers to watch more of your content by adding card notifications to your videos two options are available here you can overlay cards directly on the video itself and suggest other videos or playlists viewers might want to watch you’ve almost likely seen this before i have used on one of my videos the

end screen to your video which will of the video just like this one this is a powerful way of promoting your channel and to keep people watching you can add five different types of elements in an end screen including a playlist other call for subscription to your channel a or another channel whenever you upload a options i’ve described let me show you starting with creating an end screen on the add link this will open a new from which you can add elements to your as already mentioned you can choose between five different


elements to add an external link you’ll need to program if you’re not part of it yet you will not be able to use that option you can choose an end screen format for example clicking on this and screen automatically include a video and a call you can drag elements wherever you want and delete them if you want as well alternatively you can create a custom which elements you want to add the only is that your end screens must include a playlist or a video let’s create a custom end screen and start by just click on the element link and you can pick between three different the first one will automatically

feature uploaded video on your channel the will allow youtube to select a video suits the viewers and you can choose the third one based on your very own video add more elements if you wish bear in mind you can add up to a maximum of 4 elements note the timeline has the end screen 20 seconds before the do you see what your end screen will look like just bring the starting point a few seconds before that then press on your video once you’re happy with the you should see a green tick indicating time to now add a card this process is an end screen the main difference here is that you can add a card anywhere on move the cursor on the timeline where you want the card to appear then click on the plus button next to the element when choosing the video element you will and choose either a video

from your you can add a custom message and a which is pretty cool both fields are 30 characters once you’re done just bring the timeline cursor slightly and press the play button on the video to trigger the card and see the final if you feel your card is not placed exactly where you want it to be you can change it by using the time which will move it to the exact desired your video can contain up to 5 cards when you’re happy with your selection once again you should see a green tick indicating this step has been completed we’re all done time to publish our video next there are four different ways

you let’s start with the first one you can which means only you can watch the video publicly but you can invite people to viewers who get invited will need to be signed into youtube when trying to view your video can be unlisted meaning it will not appear in youtube search or on your channel but anyone you share such as friends and family will be able they will not need to be signed into the public option will make your video to the public anyone on youtube will be able to view it as part of the youtube with or without an account it

will also while making it public you can choose to allows you to live stream it so all your subscribers can watch it together with you they can comment and interact directly while the video is being finally you can schedule the publication of your video to your chosen date and this is the option i use the most as it time when i feel most of my subscribers there is also the ability to premiere your video as part of the schedule once you’ve chosen the most suitable option click on

the blue button on the and wait for the magic to happen you’re done

your video is now published depending on the option you’ve chosen i have taken you through the exact process i follow every single time i upload a it can come across as time-consuming trust me once you’ve done it a few times and if you want your videos to get views i thoroughly recommend you don’t skip any of the steps i’ve just covered give let me know in the comments below how you get on and if you have any questions i’ll do my best to answer them until.

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