We would like to have an audit of our online properties youtube channel gmb done by you how would that work what would it cost are you taking on clients if so what are the costs i would like to find out how much it would cost to start a website for my plumbing and heating to rank high on google for a couple of keywords these are just a few examples of some of the emails i’ve received in from

people who have discovered me and would like to know if i can help them out with their business the irony is if you’ve watched some of my videos before you know i never mentioned selling any of my services i just make youtube video tutorials to help local attract more clients that’s all and yet people still reach out to me for help despite showing them exactly what they these types of client leads are the best they’re already what we call qualify they are showing intent to buy and the beauty of it all is that i don’t even need to splash out on


Expensive google ads Instagram or Facebook campaigns

it organically from youtube the reason these potential clients are showing intent to buy is because they’ve already seen me in action through my video tutorials and they probably feel i’m the to help them because i demonstrated the are an expert in your own field whether a lawyer a beauty therapist you know something i don’t that may be useful to if i need further help guess who i’m likely to call you i believe helping people out for free is the best strategy to generate more business i know it it really works it was my personal approach when i launched my channel sharing my knowledge and position myself hoping people would reach out to me because they don’t have time to do so they can become clients and the best way to share your knowledge these days how-to tutorials provide tips hacks which you can then share on the most and reach a huge audience it has worked wonders for me so there is no reason it won’t work for

you as long as you do it i know the prospect of making a youtube video all together might be a little daunting at first and don’t expect to get it right the first time around unlike the video edit unlike the very and practice makes perfect right but you might get there faster that’s why i’m going to show you exactly how i do and what equipment i use so hopefully you’ll feel a little more confident to get started it all begins with research which plays a huge part in i know you’re an expert in your field and there’s probably a ton of video topics you can think about but you want to find out what people are really more specifically on youtube since this is where you’re going to publish your videos the easiest way to figure this is to go on youtube itself and start searching for a topic you think will be relevant to your niche let’s say i’m a divorce lawyer for example i’m

going to and i’m going to be able to see straight could be useful and starts compiling a list check out this lawyer who has put a on things you should know before filing for divorce which landed her 43 000 views in just one year i will then tool like vidiq which will help me understand the exact number of people searching for specific keywords so i if you guys are interested in finding out how to come up with great topics and i’ve made a video in which i go through the precise process of doing this there at the top of your screen right there once i’ve come up with a topic i’m going to continue my research and start which will include the structure of my writing an essay when you were at school word for word of what i’m going to say because it makes things a lot more seamless and otherwise you will end up going like a it’s not going to look good to help me with this i use a prompter everything i say is scripted including what i’m

saying to you right now using one of these prompters has been a lifesaver for me as it enabled me to become a lot more efficient with my video production it’s super simple to you can hook it up to your tripod and it has room at the back to add your camera which will film through the prompter also room at the front to add a tablet your script onto the prompter screen to get the script rolling from the tablet easyprompter where i can set the speed and the size of the copy so it’s easy once it’s all set i just need to click information about the prompter check out the link in the description below professional as possible i also suggest you invest in a decent microphone sounding like you’re shooting a video from your bathroom is not going to cut if you can just buy something like a a microphone you can easily clip on your shirt just like this one i have put a link of the one i use in the description below too it will make the difference between sounding like this hi my name is luke duran i’m the founder of like this hi my name is luke duran i’m the founder of ranking academy which one would you prefer the other key

component to the making of a good quality video is going to be your lighting if like me you decide to shoot what is known as a you’re going to need some good lighting otherwise your video will be pretty dark as you can see i have three soft box lights and also a ring light it might be overkill but i feel you can never have too many lights i don’t suggest you buy all of these lights but if you can at least go for the ring light which is easy to carry anywhere and very powerful it would make a big difference let me show you what my video would look like pretty dull right if you’re on a tight budget and you can’t purchase any light make sure you choose a room where there’s plenty of natural light you doing your videos outside when it comes to which camera you should be using there are plenty of options out there with prices that vary enormously i initially shot all my videos

using an ipad mini and it was just fine i have since upgraded to something a little bit the canon m50 which is an extremely popular camera for bloggers although i don’t consider myself a blogger it’s very professional looking videos i have also put the link in the description your budget will not stretch to a camera of this type you can use your smartphone they generally have extremely good quality cameras which will be more than for you to start with the last piece of equipment i use to make my video is a which as you can see is simply pinned to when i edit my video i can replace the background with whatever i want in a I said all my recorded videos on an sd in the camera itself which i can easily so i can start the editing process to edit the videos i use a software called Camtasia Camtasia is a

Screen recorder as a video Editor

which to me works as i need to record my screen whenever i put a tutorial together camtasia has a lot of built-in functionalities and special effects which makes the video editing process very simple unlike a video editor such as adobe premiere which would take you months to camtasia is very intuitive and takes very little time to understand even for a novice to begin editing my video i just need to start a new project and import my video that i will drag on one of the tracks from there i can remove my green background in seconds replace it with something else or add some text increase the clip speed add special effects and much more to record my screen all i

need to do is click on the record button on the top which will default back to my desktop from where i can start capturing my once done i just click on the stop button which will take me back to so i can add the clip to one of the quick tip i always record my screen separately as i find it very difficult it also makes it a lot easier to do the so you can sync the screen recording in a much easier way to record the voiceover i don’t just rely on my they are generally very low quality a much more professional piece of yeti usb microphone which you can find in the description below once i’m editing my video all that remains to be mp4 format so it’s ready to be loaded the time it takes me to create a video varies depending on how complex it is how much research is required and how obviously a five minute video will take a lot less time than a ten minute one it takes me around five days to create a video tutorial and to end which you is a long

time especially if no one is watching it but the way i see it is like being a musician not all of your who do are very satisfying when i first started my channel i never thought i would have a video that would go over a million views let alone that my channel would get 130 000 subscribers and yet it did that’s it for today guys if you find this video useful don’t forget to click on the like button if you haven’t you know where the red button is make sure you also click on the bell button so you always get notified when i make a and if you have any questions comments which you’d like me to make just post them in there too until next time happy no no no no still not be your lighting man i have since upgraded to something a the canon m50 which is an extremely.