Create Your Own Virtual Video Memories

What would you like to allow others to be a part of the most memorable moments in your life? The dance on the dance floor at your wedding or your child’s birthday and your team’s triumph parade? You can no longer experience these events but experience the sensation of being present, right at the center of it all. With the advancement of technology today, it’s possible and has never been simpler to begin started. Humaneyes Technologies, a pioneer of camera technologies,

has come up with an easy-to-use dual camera that blends 360-degree photography and immersive 3D Virtual Reality (VR) and is a simple-to-use solution that is priced about the same as a high-end DSLR camera. “360-degree pictures and video continue to change how we use cameras to capture the world around us,” claims the expert in media Jim Malcolm of Humaneyes Technologies, “and the global adoption of VR headsets and 3D cameras, is providing more possibilities to create virtual memories and content. “We’ve done it with the best; from documenting Mako sharks with The Discovery Channel to weightless experiences in the International Space Station,

floating more than 250 miles above the horizon.” Malcolm says that Malcolm, “we’re now excited to watch, firsthand, as consumers create their own immersive personal stories.” Vuze XR Vuze XR flips easily from the 360-degree camera into the VR180 camera and captures virtual video as well as photos. Whether recording or streaming live users can make and share experiences with virtual reality at the moment, and save them for in the coming weeks or in the upcoming decade.

Some of the unique features of VUZE include the built-in image stabilization feature and filters as well as an integrated VR edit suite. Additionally, it’s more mobile. “Everything can be viewed, controlled, and edited, right from your phone, so that you can shoot, create and share virtual videos at a moment’s notice,” Malcolm says. Malcolm. But not all content has to be digital;

hence it is also possible to use the VUZE can also function as a 5.7K and 4K with up to 60fps in 2D camera to capture high-resolution video and images of 18 megapixels to complete your photo album. So look at the coming holiday season and how the most recent VR technology can create memorable memories and connect distant families and friends.

The VUZE camera also has Live streaming as well as social-sharing capabilities on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube which means you can bring your followers on social media into the action with you. For more details about this camera, check out the VUZE XR camera, and the ways you can create your own memories and experiences in virtual reality.