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The Attack on Titan anime series is currently in the fourth season of its run, which is also the final season for the manga it is only a handful of chapters left. Following the tragic loss of Hange Zoe the creator of the series, Hajime Isayama is keeping fans interested in the events that transpired, and who could be the next victim of the Rumbling episode.

In the chapter 135 that was released yesterday, the manga gives us the answer to the question. In this chapter, we can see how Armin which is the last surviving member to Hange and becomes his next target. He was taken captive in the hands of one of the previous Titans and was taken by the Titan. But, a surprise is revealed in the following chapter.

Chapter 136 from yesterday, titled “Devote Your Hearts,” offers a detailed explanation of the status of Armin. It’s not just that Armin remains “alive,” but the bizarre situation he’s in moment makes him realize Armin isn’t the only one. It appears it’s Zeke Jaeger also experienced the similar thing to Armin. All of them are trapped within this Paths world.

Following their attack plan to take down Eren’s Founding Titan form is unsuccessful the remaining forces of the allied force consisting of Levi, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, and Reiner must avoid all attacks from Ymir Fritz. Fritz commands his Titans to defend themselves and continue to fight. Whoever attempts to interfere.

Fortunately Falco’s Winged Titan was able to save the victims and take them back to safe. But, they discovered that their friends were abandoned. Pieck Finger is locked in the battle, battling Cart Titan’s body, while Armin is not located after being devoured by one of the previous Titans.

Armin’s condition is a bit hazy The condition of Armin’s own is unclear, and it’s not clear whether he’s conscious or dead. For certain, Armin’s “spirit” could still see his body lying in a grave. Armin was aware that this is the Path world, and he realized that perhaps this was the thing that brought together all the minds of the Eldian people.

In the midst of anger, Armin then saw Zeke’s appearance. The older brother of Eren was seen last in Chapter 122 in which Eren did not trust him after successfully getting the power of Titan the Titan who was the Founding Titan and then executing plans to destroy the human race by his actions in Rumbling. This was “agreed” by Ymir Fritz.

The last time , the Beast Titan figure was shown throwing to deter air attacks leading into an Eren wall. It was later revealed that the entire thing was actually under the control of Ymir Fritz. The revelations caused many to doubt at the time that Zeke was alive. The chapter ended with the 136th chapter, Armin and Zeke then discussed the issue in a conversation, and Zeke himself stated that they had been “eaten” by Ymir.

While Mikasa and other forces with whom they are allied may discover Armin’s body It is the decision of Armin as well as Zeke to decide whether they would like to come back from into the Path realm or not. It’s not clear how they got out of the path.

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