okay one two i normally give you some google my business tips and tricks to get more customers but for once i’m google my business tips you shouldn’t follow so you don’t fall into the trap optimizing your profile and waste a ton if it’s your first time here why don’t you click on the subscribe button somewhere down there so you can be notified next time first thing you shouldn’t do expanding my service area on my listing will help me rank for on google maps if you are a service area a window cleaner plumber etc and visit you can set the service area you cover simply by adding your chosen locations or additional cities you serve on your profile this is very useful for searchers who come across your listing as they can instantly

visualize if you operate in their area the misconception a lot of local businesses is that if they add more locations to their service they will rank for them in google maps this field has no impact on rankings is used by google only as a visual indicator adding a ton of postcards or will not help you rank for them the proximity of your business to the and if by any chance a potential client got in touch-based on the service area but it takes you forever to get to them i don’t think they’ll be very pleased a negative review it’s a waste of time at our next item

geotagging my pictures on my listing

will help me rank higher for my location i have come across this google my business tip time and time so-called local seo experts through they all claim that if you geo tag before publishing them on your profile it will help your listing rank higher in google for your location if you’re not familiar with the geo tagging the idea behind it is very simple take a few pictures of your business it could be your promises members of your team or whatever else you think is relevant then like this one to embed the latitude and of your

business location to the so when you publish these photos on your listing it will help your business rank higher based on the location data you while this initially sounds like a quite it is utterly useless this is the reason why nowadays most photos are taken using will include the latitude and longitude in the pictures properties by default take a picture using your phone and send right click on the picture go to click on the details tab as you scroll you’ll see all the information contained including latitude and longitude data since you’re likely to take a picture of it makes geo tagging redundant

okay i everyone will use a smartphone or a it’s still worth doing and the answer is no because as soon as you upload a photo in your google my business profile it will automatically be geotagged to your listings location so once again don’t waste your time doing this moving so-called tip adding keywords to my google my business description will help my listing rank for those keywords so last year google published on its google my business help center that the

description field of a business would help rank that listing better they including keywords in your business description would make a difference this is what the documentation said think about the words customers would and make sure that your listing actually within it this created a lot of amongst the local seo community who extensive testing the concern being that description then search results will be filled with spam it didn’t take long for google to

realize their documentation incorrect and quickly corrected it so is no the google my business description impact rankings don’t listen to anyone otherwise on to our next google map if i create a website using the google in addition to already having a website double the chances to rank in search if functionalities available in your google you must have come across the website this is a great feature for

small you can’t afford to run a fully fledged website anyone running a google my access to this functionality whether they already have a website or not so it can be tempting to create a second site using the free google version to rank with two sites instead of one absolute this sounds like a good idea in it’s a terrible move for multiple both sides will be under a different crucial information such as your business name address and phone number will be identical across both sides this will be very confusing to google who is most likely going to rank only one site anyway the question is would it be the

site you want to rank visitors may also get confused if they come across different versions of your business online you’re likely going to end up with duplicate content across both sides which is also going to cause further problems managing two than one but to be honest this is almost based on the points i’ve already covered will do more bad than good and you simply shouldn’t spend time doing that alleged tip if i build external links pointing directly to my listing it will rank higher if you know a thing you understand the power of

backlinks to links are extremely powerful and used by to determine how strong a website is the more links you have pointing to your website the higher your website is in local search what really counts are so a small business website that has a other local websites is likely to rank only has 10 local backlinks there is a very strong correlation between the strength of your website and how high your google map business listing so if you want your listing to rank you should spend time building links to your site right but what about if instead you took a shortcut and started building links that point

directly to your google my business that would make a massive difference here are the results of a study conducted by joy hawkins the owner of who ran multiple scenarios over many months building links to different to verify this theory while initially there were some debatable increase for it didn’t last very long in one instance worse for one business the bottom line is just don’t waste your time doing this if you are interested in reading the full study i’ve put the link in the comments below we’ve all got busy schedules trying to make the most of our time we’re getting the best possible.

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