15 STRANGEST Vehicles Ever Made

Automakers are always experimenting with new designs and concepts and while some new models are totally awesome others will leave us scratching our heads here are the top 15 strangest vehicles ever made number 15 1921 layout helica for better or worse world war one brought in plenty of new vehicle designs and concepts that made their way to the public and in 1921 one vehicle tried to fly through our dreams before hitting the streets we are of course talking about the 1921 layout helica built by marvel layette a french biplane designer leiat was a firm believer that cars were too heavy and not aerodynamic enough and that power driven wheels transmission a rear axle and clutch only weighed cars down so he decided to slap a propeller on the front end of a thin passenger car but in the end he really just created a wingless biplane and called it an automobile it’s an incredibly strange design with a streamlined plywood body complete with an 18 horsepower harley-davidson two-cylinder engine in all the layout helica weighed about 550

Pounds and incorporated aluminum discs for wheels

this automobile may be one strange vehicle but layout laughed at all the naysayers when his car reached a top speed of 106 miles an hour but sadly for the frenchman layout wasn’t able to laugh his way to the bank because a lack of funding cut his project short in the end 30 were built and 23 of them were actually sold it’s too bad that this layout helica didn’t really take off number 14 nissan pivo ii half car half robot all ugly the nissan pivot 2 is well it’s something the concept was shown off in 2005 with the pivo 1 but the pivot 2 debuted in 2007 and was somehow an upgrade from its predecessor this small pod with four protruding wheels is meant to look like a car of the future but instead it looks like a failed disney world ride it’s rough and frankly unfair to anyone who has to look at it the nissan pivo 2 is fully electric and the car is capable of swiveling the entire cabin around so if you’re bad at parking this may be the perfect alternative for you but everyone in the parking lot is going to be staring at you the wheels can also turn 90 degrees to drive the car sideways because who doesn’t want that this car is nice but i wish it could move like a crab no one ever says that the pivot 2 also has an inbuilt ai that can communicate with the driver in either english or japanese and will do just about everything for you if it only could be programmed to give itself a facelift number 13 1998 fiat multipla fiats will never go down in history as being the most beautiful cars in the world they won’t even make the top 20 list but there’s one mode

l that really sets them back in the looks department and that’s the 1998 fiat multiplayer at the end of the 1990s everyone was getting ready to either be thrust into the new millennium or be destroyed by y2k we really didn’t have anything to lose but that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and make this four-wheeled monstrosity if you really wanted to sit down and talk about everything wrong with this car you better bring a sleeping bag because you’ll be up all night it’s just not worth the trouble instead just poke fun at it because that’s all this car is good for first off it looks like jabba the hut sat on the hood and then there’s the fishbowl glass for windows that serve absolutely no purpose and frankly the top and bottom halves of the fiat multiplayer don’t even match it looks like two separate cars were cut in half and then sewn together like some sort of fiat centipede but this thing is just as ugly on the inside too the gauges and controls are all crammed onto the center stack making it look like a child’s toy aren’t the french supposed to be fashionable number 12 1985 consoliere gtp supercars are fast agile and look awesome but the 1985 conciliate gtp managed to get two of those things right and since this car has made it to the list you can probably guess which one it’s missing sometimes two out of three ain’t bad but if you want people to buy it then it needs to have a great look too sure this car went pretty fast with a 190 horsepower turbo charged engine and the car’s lightweight composite kevlar and carbon fiber frame only weighed 2200 pounds but in 1985 the console year gtp was competing with the likes of ferrari lamborghini and the cobra and no little kid had any consolier posters hanging on their walls did

they nope and even though it came with both a hard top and a convertible option it still looks like an over the top miami vice fevered dream that i’d love to wake up from perhaps the headlight paws were supposed to give off the effect of someone batting their eyelashes at you but this is one car that we don’t even want to make eye contact with number 11 1961 citroen omni-6 this could have been a good-looking car if they had just finished it everybody knows that the french are known for their designs and they usually do set the fashion trends but they did pretty much the exact opposite when they manufactured the 1961 citroen omni-6 ami is the french word for friend too bad no one wanted to be ami’s with this ugly thing the front end of the car was nice and wavy and the fact that the headlights weren’t round is cool too but the back good grief it looks like they got lazy and said man this’ll do but alas it did not the 1961 citroen ami 6 came with a reverse raked rear window but combined that with an angled b-pillar the whole thing looked wind-blown and was just a bad overall look and this design was so bad that not even the ultra cool 1960s french could get down with it this ugly car was outsold by a whopping two to one by the citroen 2cv which was an older model for which the omni-6 was based when your old automobiles are selling better than your new ones you know you’ve made a huge mistake number 10 1958 subaru 360. another car made to look like a cute little puppy dog to trick consumers into buying it is the unfortunate 1958 subaru 360. built in japan to meet very strict and specific car standards of the time the dimensions here as well as the engine size were pretty limited due to the

constraints but oftentimes these types of constraints or limitations bring out your creativity and fun ways but this was not the case in the late 1950s japan despite the buggy eyes in the front the car as a whole as you can see is pretty hideous but then again a lot of these types of cars from the 50s and 60s were hideous but this subaru 360 somehow stands above the rest and yeah that’s a crowning achievement that nobody wants these little uglies were roaring around japan during the swinging 60s but didn’t make their way to the states until 1968 the catch they weren’t changed at all and the commercials running for the 360 were even calling them cheap and ugly seriously look it up but by that point no one needed a narrator to tell them this thing fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down the damage was done the minute it left the assembly line number nine 1946 crosley cc at first glance you might think this car looks kind of cute with its giant round headlights and mustache-like grille and front fender but when you get a closer look it looks more like a sad dog in the pound that no one knows is going to take it home crosley’s miniature cars proved to be popular during the gas shortages and rationing during world war ii and when the war finally came to a close the automaker gave us the cc it was one of the first production cars to use a slab-sided design with no running boards but when you look at this thing you’ll be left scratching your head thinking how this ever became a popular trend the 1946 crosley cc looks like it’s the squashed version of something bigger and then there are the wheels they are way too small it looked better on a hot wheels car and when you go under the hood of this crosley cc there’s a stamped steel overhead camshaft engine which was a lot more trouble than it was worth it may be easy to say that the 1946 crossley cc is better than nothing but in reality it’s not

number eight 1938 stout scarab unless you’re drinking one nobody wants to be called stout and well nobody likes scarabs either so you’re kind of off to a bad start when you name your car that in 1938 this is widely believed to be the world’s first minivan which is cool if you’re a soccer mom or dad but minivans already don’t look very cool but then again the 1938 scarab set the bar pretty damn low just look at it it had an aluminum body and a weird shape courtesy of its rear-mounted ford v8 engine and an extra wide body that didn’t have any running boards technically the stout scarab was a cutting-edge automobile but then why the ugly shape the thing looks like a giant potato bug coming down the street it’s probably not even good enough to be a clown car well needless to say the style scarab didn’t make it past the year 1938 seeing how only nine were ever made the odds of you seeing one of these cars at a car show are slim to none typically you’d be curious as to the whereabouts of such a rare car but hopefully all nine of these cars are hidden away in someone’s garage far away from our eyes number seven nissan blade glider we’ve all heard of a cutting edge vehicle but what about a vehicle that looks like it can actually cut an edge the nissan blade glider looks sharp enough to give you a paper cut if you get too close it was originally shaped like a bullet the blade glider looks a lot more like a race car from the future with rear hinged doors and a sleek two-tone color scheme even the car’s interior adopts more of a futuristic look with a steering wheel sitting smack dab in the middle of the dashboard with all sorts of buttons bells whistles and screens to keep things entertaining all of the critical vehicle info is at the driver’s fingertips with the dash looking more like a small home theater than your conventional car and although there’s only room enough for one in the front the rear of the car widens with two passenger seats meaning that no one will ever have to enjoy this

strange vehicle alone but perhaps more importantly the blade glider is an electric zero emissions vehicle so you can cut through the air and down the street in this thing without leaving behind a carbon footprint number six vision mercedes simplex the next strange vehicle is still on the concept phase but there’s no denying that it’s one strange-looking vehicle unveiled in 2019 the vision mercedes simplex is well it’s a vision its look pays homage to the popular race cars from the early 1900s and kicks things up to 11 by smoothing out the edges and replacing those old puttering motors with something a bit more modern unlike the mercedes race cars of yesteryear this vision simplex features a digital display which not only shows off a fancier version of the mercedes logo when the car isn’t in use but also displays all of the information you need regarding the car’s powertrain this car is totally electric while maintaining the car’s original look with the front engine layout as well as the carriage seat design for anyone lucky enough to hop in the driver’s seat but it’s still kind of weird looking number five suzuki x90 the 1990s were a strange time for everybody the 80s had just ended and when it came to things like fashion and design most of us were still figuring things out and so when suzuki was debuting their next hottest car they missed the mark just a little bit the suzuki x90 is meant to be a practical sports car only it falls short considering it’s so small debuting in 1996 the suzuki x90 was a small-scale two-seat suv which sounded great on paper but when it actually hit the road people were left pretty disappointed this tiny car was an absolute mess being neither practical nor sporty or easy to drive it’s just also flat out ugly which has never been a great selling point no matter who the automaker is and despite opting for a sportier look the suzuki x90 moved at a snail’s pace with its teeny 1.6 liter four-

cylinder engine that petered out just 94 horsepower and when this car was going at top speed it moved along at a sluggish 60 miles an hour which isn’t even fast enough to keep up on many highways the suzuki x90 is not the type of vehicle you want as a getaway car number four reliant robin every few years a car comes out that leaves you with your jaw on the floor and not in a good way the reliant robin is one of those cars originally released by the reliant motor company in tamworth england in 1973 the world has unfortunately seen a few iterations of the reliant robin over three decades as you can see the reliant robin’s claim to fame is its three wheels making it to be more of a giant tricycle than it is a car and believe it or not the reliant robin was anything but reliable this three-wheeled design was an absolute failure because if you hit a turn too hard too fast or too sharp you were tipping over with no ifs ands or buds about it the chassis was light made entirely of fiberglass but when you couple the light weight of the automobile with the fact that it can reach a top speed of 85 miles an hour and it can’t turn you’ve got a recipe for absolute disaster the only way to have a successful drive in a reliant robin is to go on a perfectly straight line but even then the steering wheel ran the risk of popping off while in use this car is just strange number three 1962 p50 you don’t have to be a car aficionado to know there are some cool cars some not so cool cars and then some straight up weird cars this entry on our list most definitely falls into the latter category a product of the peel engineering company the 1962 plp-50 can’t really be called a car it’s more of a micro car and even earned the guinness world record title for the smallest production car the pop-50 weighs just 123 pounds making it lighter than most adults but it’s highly unlikely that a full-grown adult could ever fit inside it

perhaps made as more of a novelty than to be road ready the pop-50 only had three wheels with two at the front and one in the back and you could move it manually using a little handle on the rear if you needed to go in reverse then you were on your own because this car had no reverse gear and it was probably light enough to just pull it on your own the plp-50 did interest some strange car fanatics with one model even fetching seventy six thousand dollars at a sotheby’s auction and despite being nothing more than a giant conversation piece the peel p50 is amazingly still in production number two submarine sports car if you’ve got two million dollars laying around then why not spend all of that money on a brand new sports car and just drive it straight into the ocean well that’s kind of what the submarine sports car has done the submarine sports car takes a page straight out of the classic james bond films and lets you live out your super spy fantasy as long as you bring a breathing tank and some goggles the manufacturer boasts that it’s the only car that can exist both on land and underwater and can transform with just the push of a button the sub sports car has propellers at its rear end and two water jets at the front that allow the driver to both steer under the waves and breach the surface again it’s a completely zero emissions vehicle too with a 54 kilowatt electric motor under the hood and powered by a total of six 48-volt lithium-ion batteries that after a four-hour charge can last for 18 miles or three hours underwater and while that may not be much it’s a steal considering you won’t be spending any money on gas and of course the car’s interior is both waterproof and totally impervious to both fresh and salt water there’s even an onboard laser guided sensor that lets the car cruise underwater autonomously so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery needless to say we’re kind of living in the future with this one [Music] number one mercedes-benz f015 the slogan for the mercedes-benz f-015 may be luxury in motion but there’s no denying that this expensive silver monolith is one strange looking vehicle fully autonomous the f-zero one five opts for a limousine style layout on the inside with the passenger seats facing inwards towards each other saloon style doors and no driver but the doors will also have six inbuilt display screens that let everyone inside interact with the car itself not only with the high resolution touch screens but with eye tracking as well it may be a bit too 1984 for some but be prepared to see the upper echelon of society parading around between galas and lavish dinner parties in one of these and the best part for them is that the windows are all tinted silver to match the slick paint job meaning you’ll never know who’s inside it could be two of hollywood’s hottest new couples on a double date or it could be a solo passenger looking for a little luxurious me time while the mercedes-benz f-015 is still in the conceptual phase there’s no denying that it will make cyberpunk style cars a reality.