15 SATISFYING Agricultural Machines

Food companies are being more inventive than ever designing amazing machines to assist with agricultural production they’re so cleverly designed it’s amazing to see them in action so let’s take a look at the 15 most satisfying agricultural machines number 15 tree shaker some of the most popular fruits and nuts that are sold around the world grow on trees but there’s a difficulty for people who produce them they don’t exactly grow in predictable patterns this is meant that historically they’ve needed to manually pull each fruit or nut from the branches and this can be a costly and time-consuming job it might at first seem like a task that’s extremely difficult to replicate with a machine and that would be true if you were trying to design something that did it the same way as a person but with mechanical power behind it it’s led to the creation of one of the most satisfying agricultural machines of all the tree shaker it’s relatively simple but amazing to watch it drives up to a target wraps a collecting cloth around it and then grabs the trunk and begins to shake systems on board ensures only shaking just as hard as

Necessary to reduce the risk of damaging the tree

and by using a method like this all the produce can be collected in a matter of seconds the collecting cloth is then retracted the fruits or nuts are deposited into a sorting bin and then it can move on to the next tree amazingly machines like this can shake as many as 120 trees per hour which significantly speeds up the harvest in comparison to the alternatives number 14 baling front raker there are plenty of reasons why farmers may choose to let a field grow grass during a year whether it be to give the field a break from growing crops or to provide food for livestock but at the end of the season it will need to be mowed in preparation for the winter after that’s done the field is covered in clippings that can be extremely valuable if they’re converted into bales particularly to feed animals over the colder months and one of the most effective ways of making the bales is with a front raking attachment fitted to the front of the tractor with the baler attachment behind the working width can be adjusted as necessary and the rake spins around in a circular motion to collect all the grass cuttings from a wider area and deposit them in a central pile which can then be picked up and rolled by the baler it’s not the only type of machine able to create bales but this twisting motion and the effectiveness of the design is almost hypnotizing to watch it’s also of course much faster than the traditional methods and can do in a day what a team of people would take more than a week to complete by hand number 13 double wheeled ditcher across agricultural land farmers have various different needs for trenches to be dug into the surface such as to create temporary drains to

increase the speed that rain water leaves the land or something more permanent like the installation of pipes or cables the prospect of digging a trench would have in the past been a daunting task and involved a huge amount of time with a shovel but for today’s farmers there’s the option of using a machine like this a double-wheeled ditcher as the name would suggest it has two excavation rotors within and as it’s pulled along the field it digs a trench that can be between 21 and 28 inches deep what’s clever about this design though and the reason why it’s double wheeled is that instead of digging a trench and leaving uneven ground around it it deposits the material that’s released in equal measures on either side to give it an even finish this is especially important if the trench is being dug for drainage because the excess material won’t affect the flow of the water as much as it would if it wasn’t properly spread number 12 mulching machine quite often the preparation of agricultural land requires the removal of vegetation such as bushes and trees but this creates a huge amount of material that needs to be cleared up once it’s been cut down luckily though this doesn’t have to be as time-consuming a job as you may think because a forestry mulcher will do the work with ease fitted to large excavators or available as dedicated vehicles in their own right mulching machines contain a series of rotary blades on the cutter head that simply needs to be lowered onto the area that needs to be cleared and turns the material in its path into sawdust as well as clearing the edges of fields mulching machines like these are ideal for clearing right-of-way paths line of sight between fields the quick destruction of invasive plants or the creation of fire breaks they’re so effective they almost look as if they’re a vacuum cleaner clearing up the dust from the floor and there’s perhaps nothing more satisfying as seeing a machine clearing a path with such ease and that can be deployed with very little notice in response to developing concerns if need be number 11. olive harvester olives and other similar crops like grapes and berries grow on vines and bushes and in a similar way to fruits that grow on trees are quite tricky to harvest because the valued produce doesn’t grow in neat and even lines it’s not simply a case of chopping the vines or bushes down because they’re needed to grow the crops for the following years so a far more delicate approach is needed of course this would normally have been completely done by hand but there are also specialized harvesting machines that can do the job in a fraction of the time olive harvesters are vehicles built with a tunnel that passes through the center and this allows them to drive along the olive groves with the trees and bushes passing through as it goes it shakes the trees and this causes the produce to fall onto the specialized catcher plates that are made from nylon to be extra gentle on the trees themselves and on the produce that they catch the inclusion of hydraulic fans means that once the olives are caught they are then quickly separated from any debris that they’ve mixed with by the time the farmer is finished driving through the groves all that’s left is a storage bin full of the end product number 10 salad and herb harvester leafy vegetables such as herbs and those used in salads are delicate plants that are consumed in huge quantities and as a result are grown on large plots often under cover because they’re plants that continue growing it’s not economical to remove the entire thing and then process it to remove the roots and stems and then replant seeds instead it’s best to simply take the

usable leaves and let the plant grow more for a quicker harvest to do this large farms have specialized in harvesters that can be either wheeled or tracked and suited to various widths depending on the precise needs of the crop they’re made up of an adjustable cutting edge that’s several inches above the ground so as it drives over the plants it cuts them above the main structure and only removes the leaves a conveyor belt behind the cutter catches the leaves and transports them up a ramp where they reach the top and can be sorted by workers or drop straight into crates so they can be taken off to be packaged it simplifies the whole process and is the reason why you’re able to buy salad leaves at the local store at such low prices number nine in row weeder whether you own a small plot of land or a hundred acre field there’s one thing that you’ll inevitably face when growing crops weeds no matter how many chemicals may be sprayed there’s always some that will be able to thrive and they can be problematic in farming because they take nutrients meant for the actual crop and could get caught up in the produce when it’s time to harvest in your own garden you’d simply go around and remove the weeds by hand but that’s not feasible on a much larger scale the machinery required to do this is surprisingly complicated though because the last thing a farmer wants to do is risk removing the plants that they want growing in their field one solution is an in-row weeder which can be used for crops like lettuce and cabbage where the plants are growing at regular spacing and the foliage of each individual is clearly separated from the next as they’re driven down the field the system which can be with adjusted as needed churns up the soil and monitors everything with sophisticated

cameras and computers they identify the plants that are meant to be there and avoid them but anything that’s growing or it shouldn’t be is quickly lifted out of the soil and deposited in the hopper which will then be emptied and disposed of the use of a machine like this gives complete control over weed growth and can even be used instead of herbicides to produce chemical free salads and vegetables number eight automatic milking machine milk is one of the most highly demanded products that’s made on a farm usually from dairy cattle but as the volumes required are on such a huge scale it’s no longer practical to milk each cow by hand over the years various technological solutions have been designed to assist with the process but now on the most advanced farms the entire process is automated it begins with each cow being electronically tagged and this allows the computers to monitor their progress through the whole system cows are herded into the facility from one end and registered as they enter and once they’re in a holding pen sensors will determine the exact position of their udders and attach the suction devices the milk is then taken and the database logs the exact volume of milk each cow is produced which allows the farmers to determine which members of the herd are most profitable and which ones are underproducing something that could be a sign of illness or the need for special attention the milk is then collected in vats where it’s ready to be processed and packaged and facilities like these depending on how large they are can handle thousands of cows per day which is usually more than enough for even the largest scale operations number 7 12 row sugar beet harvester sugar beet is a plant that’s not grown because of the fruit it produces or its leaves but instead its roots because they contain high levels of sucrose that can be used to produce sugar this has been found to be far more cost efficient than the growing of sugar cane for example because the

sugar beet can be grown in a range of different environments and actually produces more sugar per acre of land the crop is so important for sugar production the machines that have been developed to harvest them are some of the most advanced of all a 12 row harvester like this one has an automatic steering system so the driver can focus on the lifting cleaning and unloading process and as a head that’s designed to lift the sugar beets from the ground with minimal disruption to the soil so it’s ready to be sewn again for the next harvest they’re also usually lightweight machines which means they’re able to operate in all conditions without any risk of damaging the land or the crop and the onboard cleaning turbines means that the output is optimized as much as it can be a vehicle like this can harvest fields in a matter of hours and it’s because of them that sugar is able to be produced in such large quantities number six roquette vacuum vacuum cleaners have long been used around homes to remove dirt from carpets and it’s perhaps no surprise that a similar technique is now being increasingly used on farms too there are two ways that a vacuum vehicle may be needed either as a harvesting tool or want to clear up after the harvest has already been done most machines that take crops from fields will leave a huge amount of debris behind such as leaves stalks and branches and a machine like this is very useful particularly on intensive fields that are under cover to clear everything up so the ground is ready to be used again there’s a further step that can be taken though and instead of being used to clean up a mess a cutter head can be positioned just beneath the nozzle then the machine turns into a different beast entirely it can be used with crops like roquette or other salads as it’s driven along the field the cutter

removes the leaves that are wanted and the vacuum gently sucks the leaves up through the nozzle and deposits them in a bin where they’re ready to be cleaned and packaged designed to be in constant use when the bin is almost full it can be tipped into a support truck and the vacuum doesn’t even have to be switched off number five tree trimmer as natural organisms trees grow in ways that give them access to the best amount of sunlight and where the most plentiful nutrients are this though can cause problems on land where pathways need to be maintained or roads need to be easily accessible for vehicles so the growth of trees has to be controlled rather than using a chainsaw to sort one at a time all terrain tree trimmers are surely the most enjoyable way to do that task available in wheel track or quad variations they can travel over any type of terrain and have adjustable booms with cutters at the end this means they’re able to reach even the tallest of trees on a site and can be carefully controlled to ensure precision with the cuts that are made according to the leading manufacturer of vehicles like these the use of a tree trimmer can improve productivity by more than five times compared with traditional methods but that’s not the most important benefit that comes with them with the use of chainsaws tree filling or trimming can be one of the most dangerous activities to perform with a high risk of accidents but when you are using a machine like this the risks are virtually eliminated number four carrot harvester and separator carrots and other crops that grow underground pose a different challenge when it comes to harvesting than is faced with other produce machines have to lift them out of the ground gently and with as little disturbance to the soil as possible and one of the cleverest ways to do this is with a harvester and separator available in a wide range of different sizes depending on the scale of the farm a row of cutters dig through the ground ahead and lift any carrots up on top of them the carrots are then transported up the machine on a conveyor and delivered to a hedgehog unit that cleans them they’re then passed on to a harvesting belt that holds the carrots in the same orientation and this allows a cutter head to pass above them and neatly remove the tops the control unit in the cab allows the operator to see the data on all stages of the process and make any adjustments to the settings as needed and with the clean and topped carrots being deposited directly into a support truck they’re ready to be transported away as soon as it’s full meaning they’re packed and on the shelves far sooner than would have otherwise been possible number three multi-channel sprayer whether it be to prevent weeds and molds or insects and other pests the intensive farming techniques that are used to maximize the yield per acre often means that the farmers have little choice but to use herbicides or pesticides the introduction of disease or critters that feast on leaves could cost a huge amount and losses and a machine like a multi-channel sprayer is the most efficient way to evenly coat every plant with a protective layer there are a number of different ways they’re designed but the basic principle is that there’s several storage tanks that each can be filled with different liquids and extendable arms fitted with nozzles that when the machine is at the field it’s being used on will automatically unfurl and be ready to spray one or a combination of other chemicals onto the crops from the control

panel in the cab the operator can change the concentration and amount that’s being sprayed and the system can also track the vehicle’s position by gps and can automatically change the chemical mixture for fields that are being used to grow more than one type of crop a sprayer like this can stretch out over huge areas and cover an acre in just a few passes something that allows a single sprayer to deal with huge swathes of land in very little time with powerful headlights and constantly supported by navigation systems the driver really doesn’t have to do much at all apart from being on hand in case there are any problems and this means that the sprayers can operate just as well at night time as they can during the day something that further increases their efficiency number two p sorting machine have you ever opened a pack of frozen peas and wondered how they managed to get them so uniform and perfectly shaped maybe you thought that’s just how peas grow but like every other vegetable they come in all shapes and sizes and the harvesting process also manages to collect huge amounts of debris such as stalks it’s completely impractical to expect the sorting process to be done by hand so farmers instead use pea sorting machines which is one of the best inventions ever by using cameras grills grates and other various methods the freshly harvested peas are put into the sorter and carried along a series of conveyors they’re purposefully agitated so they’re moving around and this means that unwanted particles will fall by the side and there are special catchment areas to remove larger objects such as pods nightshade extraneous vegetable material and insects finally what’s left are just peas but even this isn’t the end of the process customers only really expect to see

perfectly green peas so complex camera systems are used to determine each piece color and remove any that aren’t up to standard while you may not be able to taste the difference if a pee is green yellow or blonde it’ll affect your purchasing behavior so those ones are sent to a different processing unit and are used for recipes of ready meals where the color of the pee is less obvious number one industrial lawnmower built by expert agricultural specialists class the cougar is the world’s largest self-propelled mower and it’s incredible to watch in action with a cutting width that’s up to 46 feet or 14 meters wide when it’s fully extended it carries five pendulum mowing units on telescoping booms that can be raised or lowered as needed this means that while it’s ideal for mowing huge fields of grass it can also be used on smaller or narrower fields that only require three or four mowers and this flexibility means it’s the only mower a farmer with a huge amount of land will really ever need amazingly the cougar is able to operate at speeds of up to 13 miles per hour and can cover an area of 54 acres in an hour its size of course means that it isn’t wildly practical for transport between fields and kloss has had to come up with a novel solution for this when it’s traveling on roads the cougar lifts and folds the mowing heads but the cab then rotates 180 degrees so the mowers are held at the front and the back instead of on the sides this then gives the mower the overall width needed to be road legal.