when it comes to doing business and making money there’s always going to be a number of people who will be happy to to grab a bigger slice of the pie and in the local business world this translates into business owners cheating to artificially increase their google my business listing visibility in google purposely damaging their competitors i personally constant cheat so i thought it would be a good idea for me to show one of the most common google my used by unscrupulous business owners from getting more customers and what you known as name spamming if you’ve been my channel for a while you’re probably as i’ve mentioned it in many of my

unfortunately this tactic is being used ever before as business owners are about how google my business really to tackle this one more time having a keyword in your business name will have influence on how high your listing will rank in google maps if i search for the you can see the top three results all pest control included in their names and this is no coincidence the problem is

none of these businesses are sticking to which are very clear your name should real world name in this example the first business is a company called rent yet they have added two keywords in as well as a location keyword Twickenham the second business has done exactly the and i can’t even check what this company since they don’t even have a website the third one is also cheating their company power pest control no mention of west in their name anywhere adding keywords to your business name can propel your right to the top of google maps results a few days check out the results of this sterling sky who added and

removed keywords from various listings names

which shows how impactful this can this explains why so many businesses are willing to break the rules the problem if you as a business owner are sticking to the google’s guidelines which you should a lot of these businesses who use this tactic will rank above you illegitimately stealing some of the so what are you supposed to do use a area where you want to find the spammers let’s say you have a plumbing business based in london twickenham in this case you need to do your research somewhere in tweaking them open google maps from one browser and type the following in the search box in title call on followed by the keyword you want to rank this will list all the businesses nearby who have this particular keyword in their business name finding the cheats is generally super easy just scroll down the list and check the you think look suspicious very long business names with loads of keywords in a big giveaway

investigate further to if the name they are using is legitimate to do this i suggest you check out their usually should match with their business you know you’re on to something then how they display their name on their home page and represent themselves you can take it a step further and even and check how they answer the phone and if they mention a company’s name when they introduce themselves as you are exercise create a list using a free of all the spammy listings you have uncovered for each of your target on this

sheet add the name of the and a direct link to their google my the easiest way to do this is once you’ve clicked on the business listing just click on the share option click on copy link option and add it to your all this information will be used to once you’ve finished doing this this is pull out each and every listing you have one by one start correcting their names using the edit option available on their yes just in case you didn’t know you can in some cases the name will be corrected google sometimes uses an automated if after 10 minutes or so you see the update your list at the date when the and if it has gone through more often google will need to review the suggested

edit before implementing it which will take a bit longer than 10 minutes you should receive an email like this update your list with the correct information this time including the date and status such as pending sadly google is not the best at dealing with these corrections and sometimes suggested edits can be pending for weeks and even months sometimes you’ll receive immediately after suggesting an edit several days later it’s difficult to but the recommendation here is to include the spam fighting routine as ongoing marketing strategy and check the regularly the reason

behind this is because even when you manage to correct a business name the owner will quickly find out through a notification that will be displayed in a google my and very often they will change the name what it was before meaning you will be back to square one if your suggested edits have been pending for too long or its name back and stuffing it with keywords you’ll need to step up your war up a notch to do this use the google you can find the link in the description below this form has been specifically with wrong information or are acting on google maps you’ll need to fill in a number of fields and specify which part is misleading or fraudulent in this case to provide the public url of a business listing simply just go to google maps search for the listing you want to from the search

bar and paste it in the you can also upload documents to backup your claim which i recommend you do for instance you could take pictures of where the business operates that shows that doesn’t match with their name on their website or even use a google this you will be provided with a unique and also receive a confirmation email to let you know they will review your complaint it generally takes a minimum of two weeks before the case is sorted sometimes longer i suggest you add the date you submitted your complaint to your spreadsheet along with a it’s easier for you to track the i’ve spoken to many business owners who feel uneasy about reporting some of to which i would say if you can afford it’s up to you i believe competition is is healthy and part of the game will play but everybody should abide to the.

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